The Objectives

Held as an official event led by Ugandan parliament and the Prime Minister’s Office, Project East Africa will encompass all major ministerial heads of infrastructure, power, energy and finance throughout the region.

Covering Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia Rwanda and Kenya, this year’s PEA Summit focusses solely on the financing of power projects and energy infrastructure in Africa’s most rapidly expanding economy and premier energy investment destination.

In conjunction, the region’s major utility and power companies, regulators, international financiers, DFIs, major EPC’s, construction companies, law firms and developers, will convene through pre-scheduled meetings, networking and debate to outline the individual projects and in-country plans available for public-private investment.

The summit will serve to;

  • Bring together all major financial institutions, energy and infra developers re opportunities for investment in current and upcoming public/private investments throughout the energy value chain.
  • Collate the industries’ most credible investors to address the regions highest bankable opportunities
  • Host all major ministers and state figureheads concerning infrastructure, energy and finance for open debate and meetings surrounding each country’s energy development projects and cross border initiatives
  • Host all major utility and power companies operating in East Africa to discuss their challenges, plans and upcoming projects
  • Welcome regulatory bodies through programme debate and pre-scheduled one on one meetings
  • Showcase core Government strategies in expansion plans
  • Outline regional integration of cross border electrification plans
  • Highlight and discuss regional energy access challenges and potential solutions
  • Draw discussion and one on one meetings re the utilisation of off-grid solutions and developments

What Type of Companies will be in Attendance?

As an officially endorsed Government event, Project East Africa will host;

  • Ministries of energy, planning, infrastructure, trade and finance
  • National utility companies
  • National power regulators
  • Finance providers:
    • National banks
  • Investment banks
    • Multilateral finance institutions
  • DFIs
    • Private equity funds
    • Venture capital funds
  • Oil and gas companies
  • EPC’s
  • Technology providers and OEM’s
  • Power and energy companies
  • Advisors
  • Lawyers